miércoles, 27 de julio de 2011

How to restore "MS Excel" to the default settings

Sometimes happens that for some reason Excel starts functioning as he wants, you can reinstall, repair, and nothing, the follies of excel do not cease to happen.
That is because although you reinstall or repair the excel this always keeps the configuration it had at the time of malfunction.
For that we need to delete the faulty settings and then once deleted the configuration excel will start again with the default configuration that comes when you install it for first time.
To delete the configuration of EXCEL completely you have to close it first, now just have to delete the following registry path windows.
Ahi borramos el directorio "Options"
When Excel is open again will restore all settings to factory default it brings

For those who wonder how to enter the Windows registry, this is done by going to "Start Menu>> Run" and type "REGEDIT", when run will open the "Registry Editor".

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